HDM Z2 Auto Portable CPAP
HDM Z2 Auto Portable CPAP
HDM Z2 Auto Portable CPAP
HDM Z2 Auto Portable CPAP
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HDM Z2 Auto Portable CPAP

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Important Note on Auto CPAP Devices: Z2 Auto is an auto-cpap machine and requires a valid, U.S. prescription to program and ship the device. An auto-cpap prescription will have 2 settings prescribed; both a low-pressure and a high-pressure. Please contact your physician for more details about Auto CPAP conversion and usage.

 HDM Z2 Auto Portable CPAP Features:

  • Compact size & weight for travel (6.5 inches L x 3.3 inches W x 2-inches H)
  • Optional integrated battery for ease-of-use during traveling
  • USB charging cable

HDM Z2 Auto Portable CPAP Includes:

  • Z2 Auto CPAP
  • Power Supply (AC adapter) and Power Cord
  • USB Micro A to B Cable
  • Custom tube adapter
  • 4 ft Slim Style Tube
  • Filters (2- 1 installed + 1 extra)
  • Heat / Moisture Exchanger (HME)
  • Qtube inline muffler
  • 8 in. Slim Style Tube
Free iOS and Android mobile app for data
The Z2 Auto CPAP is data-capable and records all information on events and compliance. Download the free Nitelog™ mobile app for iOS or Android and sync directly to your device with Bluetooth®. Review your data or share it with your doctor directly from the app.

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